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Due to an error by Safehome and their sub-contractor, I have lost my entire alarm system (which I paid substantially for). Safehome has stated that they will not replace the system, so I would like to cancel.

I originally called Mid October after I received a contract to sell my home and knew what the closing date would be. I called Howard (ex 1178) at Safehome to request that the system be transferred from my old home in Lagrange, KY to my new home in Louisville, KY. He arranged for my alarm to be picked up on Monday October 22nd. Because I was out of town that entire week for business, we were to arrange a time when I got back to have it re-installed. At the closing that next week, the buyers told me that no one had shown up and the alarm was still there- and that since the closing was taking place and their elderly mother moving in, they were unwilling to set up another time to have it removed. I had received NO call from the alarm person to try to reschedule or even tell me he wouldn't be able to make the appointment. He just didn't show up.

I immediately called Howard at Safehome back to discuss the problem. He told me he completely understood my frustration and would work on the problem and call me back the next day. He never called back. I left him numerous messages for weeks, and did not receive any returned calls. I called back and spoke with customer service, which referred me to who they said was Howard's manager, Justin (ex 1105). I left a message for Justin explaining the situation and asking for a call back. No response. I left another few messages, no response. I had customer service send an email asking him to call me- no response. I eventually called and customer service transferred me to Kim (ex 1170). I explained the situation and was told she would have to order a copy of my contract, but should have it by the next day. She ASSURED me she would call me back. She didn't. I left her numerous messages. No response. This has been over a month and a half of leaving messages for three people with no returned calls. I would like to point out that I have stayed calm and was simply asking for help on my account to fix the problem that Safehome created- not yelling or rude. This is the poorest customer service I have ever experienced.

Eventually I was able to get on the phone with Valerie Roman and she determined with management that they would not replace my security system, even though I lost it through a Safehome mistake. She explained the process of what I need to do cancel my contract, so I sent in the required forms requesting they cancel my contract without an early penalty.

Who should respond to my emailed request? Justin, the manager I complained about! He told me Safehome was not responsible for things in my 'personal life' that kept them from monitoring my home and I would owe a $600 early close penalty. No apology for not responding, just blamed me for them not transferring my alarm. I'm astounded at the terrible service!

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SafeHome Security - Safe Home Security is Fantastic

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Ok for a company who has over 100,000 customers a few complaints should deter people from buying from SHS.

I have the system and its great. The installers are great and the customer service is also great.

They give over $800.00 in FREE equipment. All you do is pay for the monitoring. No installation fee no activation fee.

I would recommend this company to any one.

Its a lease to own you pay over time. Then you own the stuff.

We Love SHS wouldnt trade it for anything.

Stop blamming SHS for all your problems, get a life.

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